Am I ready to be a BiniGuide?

Above all, being a BiniGuide is about personality. If you are passionate about something and if you love sharing and meeting people, this role is definitely made for you! In order to become the perfect BiniGuide you have the following qualities:

Great storyteller

Indeed, as a BiniGuide you should be committed to provide an excellent experience to every traveller. You will be constantly interacting with people from all around the world. Some will have different needs than others and you have to be sensitive to them. You have to adapt to each traveller in order to create and maintain the most pleasant atmosphere. In addition, you have to be capable of providing clear and accurate information. Finally, you have to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to unexpected situations. With all of these qualities, being an extraordinary host will come to you as a second nature and you will be able to have fun as well!